The Guy Withdrew After Intercourse. Will there be an opportunity of Reconnecting?


Reader Question:

Now we experienced gender, he’s got totally withdrawn. He only texts sporadically. I truly liked this person.

Is there any possibility of reconnecting with him? In that case, just how?

-Amy (Kansas)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Response:

Ooooh, Amy. If only i possibly could say anything you should hear, although finest I can perform is let you know what you need to hear.

Guys cannot belong love through sex. They belong love through trust. Sex, just like you’ve viewed, did not bring him closer plus it could have driven him away.

If he’s a player, that’s virtually some. Research shows that more intimate lovers a man has received, the more likely he’s to perceive diminished attractiveness in each brand-new conquest.

The only minor chance of hooking up with him is fall off their radar to check out if the guy marvels for which you went. But I extremely question you are able to turn a sexual relationship into an emotional one after these a rupture.

My tip: progress and stay better and slower the next time.

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